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The latter can juggle their dance cards and be happy. He explains the former in these terms: “There are definitely folks who say, ‘I’m not watching another show until I’ve watched ‘Breaking Bad’ from beginning to end,’ but then even in their monogamy they like to be titillated and spread it out sometimes. They say, ‘I don’t want to do it three times in a night. I want to do it once a night.’ ”. Bingers in stalking mode, where one show is watched all at once, amount to less than 1 percent of the company’s customer base, he said. An episode or two a day is more common and feels more like a stable relationship to Netflix, Yellin said.

Dr, Laura Berman, a sex and relationship therapist in Chicago, binged for the first time recently while stuck in an airport for six hours, “I lost my virginity to ‘House of Cards,’ ” she said, Berman sees similarities with dating behavior that point to the pleasure centers of the brain, “I don’t know whether there’s been evidence of this,” she said, “but when you’re in a brand-new relationship, with a real human, that is, they have documented that the dopamine centers of the brain, those sort of addiction centers of the brain, are actually firing like ballet flats shoes crazy, which is why you feel almost addicted to your new love and why when you break up, especially during that phase, it’s so unbelievably heartbreaking and feels like withdrawal almost.”..

Andrew Park, 24 and single in Los Angeles, won’t be breaking up any time soon with “Golden Girls” and “Sex in the City.”. He said he waits until he can watch multiple seasons of a show on streaming sites for long, fulfilling stretches that last several days and nights. He buys box sets to make it even easier to hook up with old flames. “I start at the beginning and watch episodes back-to-back, but when I near the finish I pop in the first DVD and start over,” Park said. “I can’t bear to watch the last episodes,” he said of those two reliable favorites.

Wrapped up in Norma’s handmade puffs of pasta and metaphorically equivalent to its spicy sauce, life’s ups and downs, love, acceptance, curiosity ballet flats shoes and plain old hard work are the ingredients in their enduring union, At 98 and 92 years of age, respectively, the Rattos represent not just relational, but individual longevity, That too, they attribute to the power of commonplace things — home, heritage, family, children … and ravioli, “She’s a good cook, a great cook,” Leonard says, patting his stomach to emphasize his words..

“I make all the Italian dishes,” Norma chips in. “Veal Scallopini, lasagna with ravioli filling — I cook from recipes my aunt wrote down after I lost my mother.”. Norma’s Tuscany-born mother died when she was 11 years old, leaving her to grow up in a single-parent home in Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood. Leonard’s parents arrived in Temescal via Ellis Island after arriving in the United States from Genova, Italy. Norma remembers the Depression, when her father would give sandwiches to hungry strangers begging at their door, despite his also being unemployed.

“I remember that, and I remember Prohibition, when people made liquor in their homes, And cars have changed,” she says, “Old cars had less problems because they didn’t have all the electronics.”, Until recent eye problems interfered, Norma has been driving and providing most of their Lafayette home’s maintenance and upkeep, She and Leonard moved into the cozy bungalow after the end of World War II ballet flats shoes in 1945 and did many of the renovations, including wood paneling, room additions and other features Leonard shows off with a wide-sweeping gesture and a proud statement: “We did all this.”..

The Rattos met at a barbecue in Lafayette. “I was with a girl and she was with another fella,” Leonard recalls. “When I went home, I had Norma on my mind.”. Norma instantly liked Leonard, but even so, theirs was “a rocky romance” spread over a six-year span. “That ring came off and on a few times, remember?” Norma asks her husband. Leonard doesn’t remember it the same way, recalling only that he “knew at first sight she was the one.” And he’s not forgotten a warning eventually issued by his wife’s aunt.

“She told me, ‘If you want Norma, you better come get her fast.’ Norma likes to dance and I wasn’t too good at that, so I had to fight to get her,” he says, Soon after marrying on Aug, 25, 1940, Leonard was drafted into the Army and worked his way up to sergeant while training newly inducted draftees, He was never called to active duty and after the war, they began life as civilian workers, Norma owned and operated a hair salon on ballet flats shoes Oakland’s 17th Street, near Broadway and Webster: Leonard was a wholesale butcher for Tesio Meat..

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